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devon dorenzo

Devon Dorenzo

Indie Jewelry Designer

Business Name: Earth Momma Originals

Business Address: 237 w 19th st

Telephone Number: 530 966 2817



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Meet Devon Dorenzo

If I am not creating, I get restless and my hands start to ache. They just want to work with metal and I love it. When I started making jewelry it was like coming home. It filled a need in my soul to create and to listen. Copper is pretty bossy. 😉

My imagined adornments are always changed a little while working and sometimes my ideas even take a back seat. I love to dance in the rain, stand barefoot on the Earth under a full moon, breath in the power of the ocean, talk to trees and astral travel in my dreams.

 I work and buy locally.

What is your mission + vision statement?

All of my adornments are made with love, organically and from scratch. Hand selected crystals and stones bring some extra pretty to the party.

Songs Devon likes to Boogie to

1. Cowboy Junkies: sweet Jane

2. Cranberries:Dream

3. Beastie Boys: all of them 😉