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crystena hemingway

Crystena Hemingway

Designer, Maker, Visionary
Business Name: Rekindled
Business Location: Chico,  Ca
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Meet Crystena Hemingway

Crystena discovered her love of dressmaking while living a gypsy life following the Grateful Dead in the early 90’s. Those many days were filled with hand-sewing sweet floral cottons and dancing bare feet.

Crystena’s affection for dressmaking has only grown stronger over the years.

It is her desire to emulate the character traits that she holds dear into her garments.

The FEMININITY of antique lace, the GRACE of a soft vintage chiffon, and the AROUSING appeal of well weathered leather.

These “attributes” combined and daringly arranged capture Crystena’s vision of her garment line “REKINDLED.”

Tell us about your business?

Rekindled is founded on the sentiment that past generation fashion can carry on a new life. The quality and special details of the vintage that we work with do not go unappreciated. It is our intention to recreate a timeless and wearable garment from something that once was.
“A new story from an old tale”.

What do you like to do for leisure?

My whole life is leisure these days. Hard work included because it’s all so rewarding! Living a dream come true on 170 acres in Northern California, I am determined to achieve a green thumb! My absolute favorite things in life are: motherhood, flowers, heirloom lace, my supportive lover and best friend John, spontaneous adventures, the sound of moving water, colours, glitter, sticks and stones, honesty, compassion, and sweet animal friends.

Songs Crystena Likes to Boogie to …

1. “Dance, Dance, Dance” by Lykke Li

2. “Obedear” by Purity Rin

3. “Afterglow Phaeleh” by Fallen Ligh