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About Chico Wedding Collective

Chico Wedding Collective is a tribe of creatives based in Chico, California that are promoting love and awareness by showcasing their art through creative storytelling and collaboration.

We are a love, sustainable, and community-oriented tribe. We believe in community over competition and that together we can help build our community through the power of collaboration.
We are visionaries, wanderlusters, fashionistas, trend setters, crafters, makers, designers, stylists, photographers, floral designers, creative directors, wedding planners, bakers, web designers, consultants, make-up artists, hair stylists and so much more!

Purpose of Collaborative Project

The purpose of this collaborative project is to bring together a curated tribe of fresh, unique, and sustainable entrepreneurs/businesses and collaborate in a seasonal project and utilize a collective platform to help build our community by sharing leads, offering educational opportunities/workshops, support from other creatives, and provide inspiration for all future couples, professionals, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Together, we will increase and promote love and awareness of sustainable practices in the love industry, promote community involvement and unity, increase business visibility, build new clientele, increase volume of sales, offer networking opportunities, and build new business relationships and partnerships.

Behind the Scenes